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Unique points of view and research-driven insights on Corporate Social Responsibility topics

White Papers

IBM & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

IBM shares the priorities that the 17 SDGs establish, and contributes to their advancement with a range of business and social initiatives.

What Learning Should Be

In an increasingly digital world, new modes of education are a must for success. IBM takes action, defining a new model for learning with SkillsBuild.

Reinventing CSR for the Digital Economy

In the new decade, it is imperative that companies are socially responsible. IBM leads with purpose, meeting the emerging needs of communities around the world.

Co-Creation: A Digital Transformation Adoption Tool

Co-creation is recognized as an effective tool for customer experience transformation collaboration. IBM breaks new ground using co-creation internally to create a better employee experience with better business results.

The rise of the sustainable enterprise

Digital transformation can help organizations reduce their environmental impact—and deliver better business results.

Sustainability as a business strategy

Winning over purpose-driven consumers can deliver a competitive advantage in a complex business environment.

Insight-driven research

Companies with Purpose: The Future of Business

IBM’s Global Purpose Study, conducted by Morning Consult, found that corporations should prioritize purpose as much as profit – IBM analyzes the implications for the future of business.

Digital technology and the environment

We now have the opportunity to bring the environmental realm into the digital age by tapping its bounty of data and sharing it broadly.