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Volunteer Grants

  • The Volunteer Grants program enables IBMers and IBM Retirees globally to give local volunteer grants based on their recorded volunteer engagement. The program is based on open grant giving. Volunteers are no longer restricted to giving where they volunteer and can give a volunteer grant to any eligible organization(s). 

  • Volunteer Grants are hours based. Volunteers earn USD$10 per hour after the first 10 hours recorded (USD$100) with a maximum grant amount of USD$500, once 40 hours are recorded.

  • The Volunteer Grants program opens during the first quarter and ends December 31, or when the budget is expended; whichever comes first. 

  • The program is available in the IBM Volunteering & Giving Portal accessible via As you record your volunteer hours, you will earn grant money. Once the minimum required hours are recorded, you will see a message that you have earned a volunteer grant to redeem to an eligible organization. The maximum grant amount is USD$500, after 40 hours are recorded.

  • No, only volunteer hours recorded in the current year will be eligible for a Volunteer Grant.

  • Volunteer Grants are reviewed and processed quarterly and  disbursed to eligible organizations within 6 - 8 weeks after the end of each quarter. As part of the review, the organizations must agree to IBM's affirmation statements before funds are disbursed. Organizations can view donor information on the non-profit portal.


  • All organizations that meet IBM compliance guidelines are eligible, and there are no monetary limits for organizations that receive grant dollars. 

  • In order to be eligible to receive a Volunteer Grant, 501(c)3 (US) or equivalent organizations and schools need to register on the non-profit portal and agree to IBM's affirmation statements. If your organization is not registered in the portal, please provide this link to your non-profit organization ===>

  • Assuming the organization is registered in the portal and has agreed to IBM’s affirmation statements, the grant money is disbursed to eligible non-profit organizations within 6 - 8 weeks after the end of each quarter.

  • Corporate Organization Letter 110 confirms that the contribution is not connected to any sales and marketing proposals or transactions. When redeeming your Volunteer Grant incentive, you will be asked to confirm the following: 

     1.        The contribution request is independent of any sales or marketing proposals or transactions with the not-for-profit organization or any company, government entity or individual affiliated with an officer, director or trustee of the not-for-profit organization. 

     2.        The contribution request is not intended to influence the not-for-profit organization or its officers, directors or trustees or any company, government entity or individual affiliated with such persons, to gain an improper advantage for IBM or to win business for IBM. 

    I further certify that I have read the Volunteer Grant documentation and understand that if this application contains false, deceptive or misleading information, I may be subject to loss of eligibility under the program or disciplinary action which could include dismissal. 

  • To qualify, you must be one of the following: 

    • A regular full-time or part-time IBM employee. Employees approved for Leave of Absence or Disability programs and who are eligible for IBM benefits also qualify.
    • An IBM retiree.
  • Yes, volunteers need to record their hours in the IBM Volunteering & Giving Portal to qualify and redeem the Volunteer Grant. 


  • Due to privacy laws, employee records are required to be anonymized within 30 days of the last day of employment. If we are notified prior to your records being anonymized, we can move the hours from your employee ID to your retiree ID.

  • Supplemental employees are not eligible for Volunteer Grants.

  • Once you redeem 5 of the hours, the other 5 hours will remain as a credit that you can redeem to another organization, if desired.

  • IBM will not phone or text you to solicit donations, and you should not provide payment information over the phone, text, email or mail. Any IBM-sponsored charitable giving campaigns will be announced on and/or w3, and by email if you set your profile preferences to receive such notices. Charitable giving campaigns will provide a link to a secured website for payment of donations.

  • Visit our w3 site, IBM Volunteering & Giving, to stay updated on resources, answers about who to contact, and more!

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