STEM for Girls

Join us to change lives

An initiative by IBM in India to improve education and career pathways for girls in schools. Join us to change the lives of these young students.

STEM learning is the key to innovation and the future. As countries embrace newtechnologies, it becomes imperative to build a future ready workforce in an extremely demanding and competitive environment. The emergence of “new colar jobs”-jobs that combine technical skills in areas such , cognitive, security, data science, etc., will require deep knowledge base, rooted in secondary and higher education. In many leading countries, including India, girls are stil falling behind and are unable to join the workforce. Special attention is required to prepare a strong women work force and with STEM learning, effective mentor-ship and career opportunities, girls can thrive and become a stronger participant in the digital economy.

IBM, in collaboration with the government, aims to enable girl empowerment,promote technology education among two men and build a stronger education-to-work pathway. This program works on a multi-year learning curriculum, starting in standard 8th and 9th, impacting girls’ skills development. The curriculum includes incremental learning in digital fluency, coding and computational thinking, STEM learning, 21st century skills building (including life-skills), and self-actualization. As a deep engagement process, students will be provided access to latest technology knowledge, and an environment to test theses kills in real-life situations.

As a multi-pronged approach, the program includes skilling of boys, professional development of school teachers and sensitization of the family of the girl students towards positive decision making. Run as an in-school-curriculum, the program also enroll ls IBM leaders as life and technology mentors throughout they ear to provide girls with the much-needed role models to inspire and aspire for careers.

About the

Committing to impact 200,000 girls across India

These bright girls have big aspirations. They want to build careers in science and technology. They want to build their own identity and certainly have the will power to make it happen. Watch how IBM is helping shape their dreams into reality.

From a young age, we need to show girls that it’s okay to be confident and self-assured. Research shows that there is a self-efficiency gap, with women underrating themselves on technical and digital leadership skills, which is why it’s so essential that girls in STEM have the confidence to believe in themselves.

Harriet Green
CEO & Chairman, IBM Asia Pacific

Changing lives through skills and empowerment

Technical skills

  • Computational thinking and coding
  • Digital fluency including
    cognitive and AI
  • Future skills—21st century skills
  • STEM support
  • Leadership and recognition

Career planning

  • Career guidance, education and
    experience sharing
  • Counseling, mentoring by IBM leaders

Life skills

  • Gender awareness and equality
  • Personal competencies and girls’ agency
  • Social and interpersonal skills

Ecosystem enablement

  • Training for teacher
  • Including boys in the journey,
    computational thinking and coding
  • Community/parents' awareness

Join us to change lives

Join us to become a volunteer-mentor to these young girls and boys. When you commit to this cause, you are recognizing that you have the power to change lives.


We are very proud of our commitment to improve the skills of young girls and boys who are in schools across India. We are also arming these girls with the skills they need, to make a difference to communities in which they live and the world at large—solving challenges and driving stewardship with good tech.

We need over 50,000 volunteers from IBM to mentor and guide these 200,000 students across all states in more than 2,000 government secondary schools; to make a difference in encouraging a girl to continue to pursue a STEM career.

This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of this journey and do your bit to give back to the society, to change lives, and help shape the future of these girls. We know you have the power to do so. Your contributions will be much appreciated and recognized. The opportunities are immense and if a significant number of girls in these government schools are motivated to pursue a STEM career because of you, you know you are changing the country!

Jyoti’s journey of innovation

Watch Jyoti, an eleventh grader from Himachal Pradesh talk about how her internship at IBM in Bangalore, empowered her to leverage latest technologies like AI, IoT, and machine learning to help struggling farmers back home. Jyoti is one of the 40 students from Niti Aayog’s Atal Tinkering lab who interned at IBM, as part of a collaborative program between IBM and Niti Aayog.

Here’s what IBMers
can sign up for:

#BeATechnologyMentor — Sign up for in-school mentoring programs during the weekends if they are available in your locations. Alternatively, sign up for virtual mentoring of students throughout the year.

#BeACareerCounselor — Connect with students who need guidance on career choices and help them understand how they can prepare to pursue STEM careers.

#BeARoleModel — Help girls improve their confidence in themselves and their self-efficacy. Let us connect you to school girls who could be inspired to actually think and dream for a future.

Facts about
STEM for Girls


of all jobs created in next decade will require some form of Science or Math skills*.

STEM careers offer

higher pay(24-30%)
and longevity.

Women make
up only 14%

of the scientists, engineers, and technologists in India. Global average is 28.4%.

Perception among girls that boys are suited for STEM, despite being motivated to study
AI, Automation and Robotics, will further

increase the gender
pay gap (from the
current 34%)*.

*AISHE Report 2017-18,
MHRD Studies / Data (2014-15)


Women in STEM:
India story

Watch Himanshi Thakur, a student intern with IBM at Atal Tinkering Labs, talking about her project, Jakur, a temperature controlling jacket.

Putting smart to work,
for IBM and the world

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Addressing the skills challenge
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