Once an IBMer, always an IBMer. Your tenure may be over, but your commitment to making a difference in the communities where you live and worked continues.

Via IBM.org, you can access Matching Grants, Volunteer Grants and learn about organizations in your community that need volunteer support.

Interested in Matching Grants (US and Canada only)?

New! There are new steps to access Matching Grants this year:

– If you already have an IBM.org profile (or an IBM Volunteers account), sign in. If not:

Create an IBM.org profile using your old matching grants login information (IBMid). This will give you access to the new IBM Volunteers Portal.

– After three days (we need to retrieve your HR records), you will receive an invitation from IBM Volunteers to the portal where you will be able to sign in and apply for matching grants and volunteer grants.

– Need help? Contact us.


Portrait of Jim Williams

Those in need are not ‘invisible’ nor will we let them be. Our efforts to help them continue and will do so as long as we possibly can. I applaud IBM for their efforts and will always cherish the 19 years I worked for them before retiring.

Jim Williams

IBM Volunteers

Portrait of Barbara Gressman

I wished to ‘pay back.’ I have used my skills to volunteer at a hospital, for organizations that provide services for those struggling with mental illnesses, and now for a not-for-profit CCRC where I live.

Barbara Gressman

IBM Volunteers