Our Commitment

IBM pursues the highest standards of corporate responsibility in all we do — supporting and empowering employees, working with clients and suppliers, and governing our company.


We are leaders in environmental responsibility, both in how we manage our own operations and in the solutions that we develop to address sustainability challenges for our clients and the world.

Supply Chain

Social and environmental responsibility is an important part of our relationships with suppliers worldwide. We work closely with them to ensure compliance and encourage improvement.


We are dedicated to the success of all IBMers worldwide, through an inclusive workplace experience that supports their growth and well-being.


IBM has a culture based on ethics and integrity, guided by a rigorous system of corporate governance.


IBM Research is a community of thinkers dedicated to addressing some of the world’s most complex problems and challenging opportunities for the benefit of all.

Government and Regulatory Affairs

We work with governments on key economic, governmental, and societal issues; helping them solve problems and create strategies for the future.

Corporate Responsibility Management System

IBM’s dedication to economic, environmental, and societal leadership is an integral part of IBM’s long-term performance strategy. Under the guidance and supervision of the IBM Board of Directors, the Corporate Responsibility Executive Steering Committee provides corporate responsibility leadership. Chaired by the Vice President and Global Head of IBM Corporate Citizenship, the committee which is supported by the Corporate Responsibility Working Group, includes members from human resources, corporate governance, environmental affairs, research, investor relations, governmental programs and supply chain. The Executive Steering Committee and Working Group both meet regularly throughout the year and facilitate ongoing stakeholder engagement.