2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Trust and responsibility.

Earned and practiced daily.

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Trust and responsibility have been cornerstones of IBM’s business since the beginning. These core values permeate our culture, from the labs to the boardroom. And they manifest in every relationship: with our employees, with our clients, and with the communities in which we live and work. In this report, you will read about the many achievements we made to further this foundation of trust and responsibility throughout 2018.

Explore these stories of how IBM and our clients are changing work and business — and ultimately, the world.
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Mentoring new collar students

Danille Jager is helping P-TECH students thrive in Newburgh, New York.

In Their Own Words: IBM P‑TECH Graduates
Duration: 2:00 minutes

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“My teachers raised me,” recalls Danille Jager, an Education Program Manager at IBM. “I grew up in a single-parent household, raised by my dad who worked nonstop to keep food on the table. School was my escape, my safe place, and my freedom.”

Photo: P-TECH summer interns, New York, N.Y., L to R: Justin Addison Steele, Fritz Montgomery, Justin Richardson
In the 2019 school year, there will be 200 P-TECH schools serving 125,000 students across 16 countries and 11 U.S. states
Collaborating with local schools

These days, Jager identifies closely with the teens she mentors at the IBM-sponsored P-TECH school in Newburgh, New York, a grades 9-14 program in one of the most economically challenged communities in New York State. She is IBM’s full-time liaison to the school, where she pairs students with IBM mentors, arranges workplace and STEM experiences, and collaborates with teachers, administrators and the local school district and community college.

Photo: Newburgh (N.Y.) Free Academy P-TECH students (L to R) Paige, Kimberly, Angelica, Nadine and Zoila tour the Design Studio at IBM Poughkeepsie during a #SheCanSTEM event.
Industry skills and mentorship

She says that the teens at her school “are incredible and inspire me each day. Four of them are now working at IBM, and my heart bursts with pride for all that they’re accomplishing. It’s so rewarding to see the success of our students, interns, apprentices, and graduates.”

Photo: Year 2 P-TECH students participate in #SheCanSTEM event at IBM Poughkeepsie.

Danille laughs when she explains how the student community has embraced her. “I’ve been named ‘P-TECH Mom’ by my summer interns and the students threw me a surprise birthday party this year,” she says. “I teach Workplace Learning classes here on ‘IBM Fridays’ and spend time face to face with many of the students. The students have welcomed me more and more into their school.”

The school has become the kind of place she relished when she, herself, was a teen, and when school was a refuge. “The teachers are supportive beyond measure. P-TECH is a family.”

My heart bursts with pride for all that they’re accomplishing.
Danille Jager
IBM Education Program Manager