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World Community Grid

Volunteers power large–scale scientific research to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems in health and sustainability.

Our Initiative

World Community Grid is an award–winning IBM initiative that lets anyone with a computer donate their unused computing power to help researchers find the next breakthrough. Volunteers’ contributions have led to discoveries in childhood cancer, clean energy, and water quality.

Partner organizations450
Years of computing power donated2M
Scientific papers published50+

How we are involved

Volunteers aid hunt for childhood cancer treatment

A research team in Japan tapped World Community Grid to search for treatments for neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer. Volunteers’ donated computing power screened more than 3 million drug possibilities, uncovering seven drug candidates that show potential.

Location: Japan

Tapping nanotechnology to clean water cheaply

Making water safe to drink is often too expensive for many communities around the world. A research team is using the World Community Grid to examine how carbon nanotubes could be used to filter water inexpensively.

Location: Beijing, China

Unlocking secrets of the human microbiome

Some scientists are working to learn more about the trillions of bacteria that live in each of us to better treat such diseases as Type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Their effort, the Microbiome Immunity Project, relies heavily on the computing power donated by those linked to World Community Grid.

Location: USA