IBM Education Security Preparedness Grant

IBM Education Security Preparedness Grant

In response to the growing number of cyberattacks against schools in the United States, IBM announced earlier this year it would award $3 million in grants aimed toward strengthening cybersecurity in schools. The grants will sponsor IBM Service Corps teams to help six U.S. K-12 public school districts proactively prepare for and respond to cyber threats.

Our initiative

IBM is pleased to announce that the six recipients of the IBM Education Security Preparedness Grant are:

– Brevard Public Schools (Florida)
– Denver Public Schools (Colorado)
– KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools (Georgia)
– Newhall Independent School District (California)
– Poughkeepsie Independent School District (New York)
– Sheldon Independent School District (Texas)

IBM Service Corps deployments will kickoff in June 2021 and will be scheduled pending availability and resources. Read more about the grants, what services will be provided, and how volunteers will be deployed here.