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P–TECH is a public-education model that provides young people from diverse backgrounds with the academic, technical, and professional skills and credentials they need for competitive tech jobs.

Our Initiative

P–TECH schools enable students to earn both their high school diploma and a no–cost, two–year associate degree linked to a growth industry. Each P–TECH school is a partnership among a high school, a community college and an industry partner, all working together to ensure students have the supports required to graduate college– and career–ready. The model combines rigorous coursework with workplace experiences that include mentoring, worksite visits, paid internships and first–in–line for job considerations with a school’s company partner.

Established in2011 in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Scale600+ industry partners
Projects deployed200+ schools, 10 US states and 24 countries
Graduation rates4x the U.S. national average, and 5x the national average for  low-income students.

How we are involved

P-TECH school opens doors to an array of students

A P-TECH school in Australia welcomes students who haven’t fit in mainstream schools, giving them opportunities for personal and academic growth, as well as bright prospects for success beyond school.

Location: Australia

Former top IBM exec becomes teacher and mentor

Taiwan is the first East Asian country to adopt the P-TECH model. For former IBM Taiwan General Manager Jason Hsu, this meant an opportunity to return to his alma mater to help students as a teacher and as a mentor.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Opportunities open with Morocco’s first P-TECH school

The first P-TECH school in a non-English speaking country opened in 2017 in Casablanca, Morocco. Ahmed Idrissi is one student who was turned down repeatedly. But thanks to teachers, mentors, and new skills, he now sees a bright future as an IT engineer.

Location: Morocco

Boosting Colombia’s IT workforce with P-TECH

In Colombia, there aren’t enough qualified people to meet the demand for IT professionals. To help bridge that gap, the nation opened its first P-TECH school. Students gain all the skills they need to smoothly step into IT jobs.

Location: Colombia

Dublin students get ready for P-TECH

Ireland is the first country in Europe to adopt the P-TECH school model, which combines high school and college courses with workplace experience. It also gives students in underserved communities a solid path to a digital career.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Gaining new collar skills through P-TECH

As a kid, Gabriel Rosa thought tech was fun. By 14, he was a P-TECH freshman. At 16, an IBM intern. Now he’s one of dozens of P-TECH grads who works full-time at the company.

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

“Ever Upward” for Excelsior Academy’s First Graduates

The P-TECH public-private partnership in Newburgh, N.Y., is just one of many such programs around the world that creates a bridge for students from underserved communities to first-rate jobs.

Location: Newburgh, NY, USA