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IBM Education Security Preparedness Grant

In response to the growing number of cyberattacks against schools in the United States, IBM announced $3 million in grants aimed toward strengthening cybersecurity in schools.

Our initiative

IBM Education Security Preparedness Grants will help U.S. public K-12 school districts better prepare for  cyberattacks. Grants will be awarded to six United States public school districts and distributed via the IBM Service Corps program, which would deploy teams of IBMers to proactively prepare for and respond to cyber threats.

The application process closed on March 21, 2021; all applications are currently being evaluated.  School districts selected for the grant will be announced soon.

We are also planning a virtual cybersecurity event for all applicants. Please check back here soon for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All United States public K-12 school districts were able to apply for the grant; however, the application process closed as of March 21, 2021.

  • The application process closed on March 21, 2021. 

  • School districts will be selected based on guidelines compiled to determine their current cybersecurity posture and needs.  Grant recipients will be notified when the evaluation process completes.

  • The grant will be a total in-kind contribution of $3 million across 6 school districts ($500,000 each). Selected districts will receive the grant in 2021 through services and resources provided by IBM Service Corps. 

  • It is not IBM's policy to share that specific financial information; however, the grant is based on IBM Service Corps mobilizing teams of 6-10 IBMers to each school district to deliver services and resources that will help to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. 

  • 6-10 IBM employees will be deployed based on the needs of each school district. Volunteers will be selected based on their expertise, which can span legal, communications, tech, etc, via the IBM Service Corps selection system. 

  • After an initial evaluation, each school district will receive help in areas that appear to be the weakest. These areas could be updating systems, implementing strategic communications plans, identifying local resources and escalation paths, clarifying legal options, mapping out basic training for staff, students and parents, developing incident response plans and more.

  • Recipients of the grant will be notified shortly after the March 21 deadline. 

  • Once recipients are selected and complete initial processing, IBM employees can be deployed to school districts pending scheduling and resources. 

  • IBM Service Corps deployments will be primarily virtual, however teams can be onsite pending local restrictions. 

How else can we help you?

Please contact us with questions or requests about the IBM Education Security Preparedness Grant program.