Helping girls in Ghana get a better education

Ghana, Africa

What we did

The government of Ghana is working to knock down the barriers that girls and young women face in getting an education.

In 2016, a team from IBM’s IBM Service Corps traveled to the country to offer program and technical support.

Part of the team worked with a local company called TECHAiDE to understand the educational and infrastructure challenges facing students in rural areas.

Out of that arose ASANKA, a mobile hotspot that delivers educational content in text, video and audio. It can support 20 or more wireless devices, offering a quick and inexpensive way to share content with schools that have limited or no internet access.

School administrators can control, modify and update lessons based on students’ levels and learning styles. The device also collects data that can show how students are mastering concepts as they progress through the material.

In 2019, 50 schools were using the devices, reaching 25,000 students.

TECHAiDE’s future plans include making the device solar powered for communities without electricity, making it more affordable, and making it searchable.

“The IBM Service Corps team’s role in providing business strategy planning and product development support was invaluable in pushing this initiative forward,” says Kafui Prebbie, CEO of TECHAide.