IBM Service Corps

Our initiative

IBM’s Service Corps gives employees the chance to spend several weeks helping others tackle complex problems. Teams of 12 to 15 IBMers partner with government, business, and civic leaders to address high–priority issues such as education, health, disaster preparedness, and economic development. Since it began in 2008, IBM Service Corps has sent more than 4,000 employees to more than 1,400 projects in over 40 nations.

How we are involved

Using Wi-Fi ‘ducks’ to help in natural disasters

Project OWL is an emergency mobile Wi-Fi network that can be set up anywhere a disaster strikes. It links victims to emergency personnel so they know who needs what help where.

Location: Puerto Rico

Learning the lessons of Hurricane Florence

After Hurricane Florence battered North Carolina, a team of IBM experts arrived to look at how the state could better coordinate not only emergency responses, but all the donations and volunteer efforts.

Location: North Carolina, USA

Helping girls in Ghana get a better education

In Ghana, girls and young women must overcome many barriers to get an education. An IBM Service Corps team helped develop a device that provides educational content in schools with limited or no Internet access, leveling the opportunities for all students.

Location: Ghana, Africa

Thwarting cervical cancer in Peru

Peruvian women have one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. Team members from IBM’s Service Corps helped CerviCusco, a non–profit organization, advance their mission to provide affordable care and conduct outreach programs.

Location: Cusco, Peru