Disaster Resiliency

Why We Care

Natural disasters can wreak devastation — taking lives, causing grief, and upending communities for years. At IBM, we bring together our best technology, expertise, and the power of IBMers who volunteer their time, skills, and donations for response and recovery. We even help communities beforehand to prepare for hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other emergencies.


Natural disasters responded to


Committed in response and recovery in 2018

How we are involved

A.I. agent helps Florida disaster victims

IBM and United Way Worldwide joined forces to launch a virtual assistant to help those affected by Hurricane Michael get the information they needed right away.

Location: Florida, USA

Learning the lessons of Hurricane Florence

After Hurricane Florence battered North Carolina, a team of IBM experts arrived to look at how the state could better coordinate not only emergency responses, but all the donations and volunteer efforts.

Location: North Carolina, USA

Using Wi-Fi ‘ducks’ to help in natural disasters

Project OWL is an emergency mobile Wi-Fi network that can be set up anywhere a disaster strikes. It links victims to emergency personnel so they know who needs what help where.

Location: Puerto Rico

Forecasting the flow of refugees and migrants

IBM worked with the Danish Refugee Council to develop a tool to analyze and predict the global flow of migrants and refugees, which can allow for more effective humanitarian efforts.

Location: Denmark

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Disaster Resiliency

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World Community Grid

Volunteers power large–scale scientific research to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems in health and sustainability.

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Human Trafficking

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