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You've learned the AI concepts and applied them to a capstone project that has been reviewed and approved. What's next?If your team has been selected to compete in the EdTech Youth Challenge, please have your teacher sponsor register your interest below. You will not be able to re-access or save your application, so it is important that your answers are thorough and accurate prior to clicking the Submit button.
One person per team. Submissions must use the teacher sponsor as the contact name.
One e-mail per team. Submissions must use the e-mail of the teacher sponsor.
Please discuss how you will apply your AI learning and capstone project to an issue in your community that will help you look after our world.Idea
Describe the impact on our world that you believe your AI solution will have on the issue your team has identified.
Please attach any supporting evidence you'd like to include, including final capstone projects.
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File attachments must be a PDF or MP4