Our India competition will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and the application of AI to climate change and pandemic health issues participating teams are experiencing across India.
We're proud to be partnering with Central Broad of Secondary Education along with our implementation partners, 1M1B and Learning Links Foundation.
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Competition overview

Project ideation

Teams develop ideas on how they can use AI concepts for their project and then participate in a one-day ideation session with experts from IBM and our partners to expand those ideas.



A 2-day coding event that will include approximately 100 teams of students and teachers from New Delhi and Bangalore. Students and teachers will have an immersive experience with IBM and our partner experts to refine their projects ideas.


AI course & project work

The top 30 teams selected from the hackathon will have an opportunity to learn more about AI concepts and how they can apply those concepts to projects focused on climate change and pandemic health issues that are important to them.


Final applications submitted

The top 30 teams will access this web-site and complete their application form to submit their project proposals.


Final winners announced

All 30 finalist teams will be invited to attend a formal event, where 5 of these teams will be announced as the winners of the India EdTech Youth Challenge.


Two-week internships

The top 5 teams will participate in a two-week internship experience as the prize for winning this competition. These internships will be with leading labs across India, with support from IBM and our partners.

  1. January, 2020Project ideation
  2. April, 2020Hackathon
  3. June – October, 2020AI course & project work
  4. November, 2020Final applications submitted
  5. November, 2020Final winners announced
  6. December, 2020Two-week internships
Employee participation

Employees from IBM and our partners are eligible to participate in judging, providing technical advisory, design workshop facilitation, and other activities. Please use the link below to register your interest in helping with the India EdTech Youth Challenge.

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Rules & regulations

Rules & regulations →