Create Your Own Chatbot!

Create Your Own Chatbot!

Activity Duration

1 Hour

Preparation Time

2 Hours

Estimated Cost of Materials

no cost

Audience Age

15 — 19+


IBM Cloud, Machine Learning, Watson Assistant




This Activity Kit introduces students to Watson Assistant, a cognitive chatbot that understands questions by learning. The Activity Kit enables anyone to configure a bot that can understand words, speak and respond to simple tones associated with emotions. Students will learn how Watson Assistant works using a hands-on approach. The volunteer instructor will present different chatbot case studies and will guide students through co-creating a chatbot for an imaginary business together as a class. This Activity Kit will help students become familiar with the technology increasingly used in call centers, automobiles, and such services as smart speakers (e.g. Alexa). This class is led by the teacher to avoid having students acquire IBM Cloud credentials.

IBMers, be sure to log your volunteer time in the IBM Volunteering & Giving Portal, so you can qualify for IBM Volunteer Grants and double your impact. Record your hours here.

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • An IBM Cloud account for the instructor
  • Students must have computers with internet access
  • The room must have PowerPoint presentation capabilities


  1. Learn more about Watson Assistant using the resources below.

  2. Review the presentation material to learn how to facilitate the activity portion of the presentation. Review the two companion activities (Pizza Chatbot and Space Companion activities) that volunteers can use to guide students through this activity.

IBM Cloud Account Information for Volunteers

IBM employees are encouraged to use their internal IBM Cloud accounts, which include all Lite services at no charge. IBM volunteers can also register for a Lite account following the link below. Questions can also be posted on the IBM Volunteers Slack channel.

Both IBM volunteers and non-IBM volunteers who require Cloud access beyond a Lite account are encouraged to request access to the IBM Citizenship Cloud by sending an email to with the following subject line “Citizenship Cloud Access.” In the body of the email, please outline what cloud resources you need and which Activity Kit will be used. Students will get appropriate access directly from their teachers. Volunteers who only require a Lite account do not need to ask for access to the IBM Citizenship Cloud.