Education for renewable energy – Helping climate change

Education for renewable energy – Helping climate change

Help students learn about renewable energy through gamification.

Activity Duration

30 – 60 Minutes

Preparation Time

5 Minutes

Estimated Cost of Materials

US $0

Audience Age



Geospatial data, Environment, Sustainability, Renewable energy




IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite includes a geospatial analytics repository to develop apps/services that can help create awareness on climate change. This tool helps to create stories to help younger generations understand the challenges humanity will face. Geodudes' Wind Farm game will allow participants to get a better understanding of how windmill farms generate power. Which in turn will help them better understand the impact of renewable energies.

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This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • Internet access
  • Web browser


  1. Learn more about climate change.

  2. Learn more about renewable energy.

  3. Learn more about energy production in the United States of America.