Reduce Your Plastic Footprint!


IBM has partnered with Plastic Bank to help the world stop ocean plastic and improve the lives of the people who help collect it. This Activity Kit provides turnkey resources to help you teach your family, friends or community group about plastic pollution, remotely or in person.

This Activity Kit enables you to teach others about their plastic footprint and how blockchain technology and Design Thinking principles can help solve environmental and social issues. The Activity Kit includes a Plastic Footprint Calculator developed by Plastic Bank that estimates a person’s plastic consumption and recommends actions they can take to reduce their plastic consumption and pollution.

This Activity Kit can be used in two ways:

  1. Personal Activity: Share the Plastic Footprint Calculator with colleagues, friends and family. Access the calculator here.
  2. Community Activity: Give a presentation about ocean plastic, IBM Blockchain, and introduce the Plastic Footprint Calculator to students or another community group. This presentation includes a Design Thinking activity to reinforce learning and can be run remotely, too!

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • Personal Activity: Internet access and a web browser
  • In-person Community Activity: Access to projector and materials to facilitate a Design Thinking session
  • Remote Community Activity: Access to conferencing platform like WebEx:


  1. Read about the ocean plastic crisis

  2. Learn more about Plastic Bank

  3. Learn more about the Plastic Bank and IBM collaboration

  4. Watch Plastic Bank’s CEO David Katz speak at a TEDTalk

  5. Review IBM's Design Thinking toolkit

  6. Learn about key Blockchain concepts