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Let’s learn about race

IBM has a long standing history of commitment to diversity and inclusion, but the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and too many others remind us that the fight against racism is as urgent as ever.

We have been listening to the needs of IBMers and the Black community and are working on developing an IBM Activity Kit that will be released here in coming weeks to help you reflect, learn and open conversations about race to drive societal change. In the meantime, we created this site to highlight community resources on racial equity and how we all can take actionable steps to engage with organizations that are leading this essential work.

Legal Disclaimer- Some of the recommended materials in this roadmap may not be IBM materials. IBM makes no representations about any third party materials or other Web site which you may access through this one. We have not previewed all of the following materials, but colleagues have been gathering materials they think will be useful for IBMers who want to continue growth and dialogue about equality in our society.  As IBMers we each contribute in meaningful ways to our corporate culture. Thank you for your leadership in this space.

Watch this space

IBM is committed to the long-term learning of our employees as knowledge is power.  We are listening to the needs of IBMers around the world and strive to realize an equitable and just society for all. Watch this space for updates  and be the first to hear about about a new IBM Activity Kit launching later this year to help you reflect and teach others about racial equity and diversity to make a positive change in our society. Learn more about IBM's longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion here.