Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain

Help students learn about blockchain technology through interactive puzzles through this CyberDay4Girls Activity Kit.

Activity Duration

1 Hour

Preparation Time

30 Minutes

Estimated Cost of Materials


Audience Age



Blockchain, CyberDay4Girls




Blockchain offers all parties involved in a business network a secure and synchronized transaction from beginning to end. This is done through digital ledgers, a chronicle version of the list of events designed to be unhackable. The list of the events are blocks; the blocks are distributed across multiple computers. In order to make a change to the list, or blocks, each party has to agree. This Activity Kit is designed to teach students about blockchain through an interactive game called Are the fish safe to eat? They will learn every step of the blockchain process by figuring out who touched the fish starting from the fisherman, all the way through the importers, exporters, and distributors.

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • Classroom must have PowerPoint presentation capabilities
  • Vigenere Square on slide 8 should be printed to be handed out to participants
  • Slide 9 can be printed as well to be handed out to participants