Internet of Me - Protecting Your Online Identity

Internet of Me - Protecting Your Online Identity

Help students learn how to protect their personal data and identity online through an interactive lesson and a hands-on password game with this CyberDay4Girls Activity Kit.

Activity Duration

1 – 2 Hours

Preparation Time

1 Hour

Estimated Cost of Materials

US $0

Audience Age







Do you ever think about how the digital life you lead can affect your real life? This Activity Kit is designed to bring awareness to the dangers children face every day in the digital world and what they can do to better protect themselves. The Activity Kit consists of three main sections built to:

1. help students become aware of cyber crime

2. educate them about personal data and digital footprints

3. teach them how to create strong passwords while using secure mobile devices

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • Classroom must have PowerPoint presentation capabilities
  • Internet access is required for some activities
  • Mobile device or computer is needed for an optional activity in the session


  1. Watch the IBM Think Academy videos below to know more about cybersecurity and common security breaches.

  2. To familiarize yourself with the topic, read the 10 Tips for Good Online Hygiene. Share them with the class after the activity.