Get Your Head in the Cloud

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Use this Activity Kit to introduce students to basic cloud concepts using interactive games and activities.

Activity Duration

1 – 3 Hours

Preparation Time

1 Hour

Estimated Cost of Materials

$50 USD

Audience Age

6 – 10


IBM Cloud




In this Activity Kit, volunteers present cloud concepts and terminology to students and use interactive games and activities to reinforce their learning. Students will learn real-life examples of how the cloud is used today. They will partake in a virtual scavenger hunt that uses cloud-based maps, compete against their classmates using an online game and put their creativity and team working skills to the test by participating in a "Hackathon" to develop a new cloud-based mobile app.

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This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • The room must have PowerPoint presentation capabilities
  • For Kahoot: Students must have a mobile device or a computer with internet access; 1 device shared between 2-3 students works well
  • For the Terraclues online scavenger hunt activity: Students must have computers with internet access; 1 computer shared between 2-3 students works well
  • For the Hackathon Activity: Teacher must provide poster paper, markers, pens, scissors, glue and magazines


  1. Learn more about cloud

  2. Learn more about how IBM is using cloud

  3. This Activity Kit is comprised of three ways of engaging students and helping them learn the various ways cloud is used in our daily lives: 1) Kahoot, an interactive game that allows students to answer questions posed by the teacher to ensure learning comprehension 2) Terraclues Scavenger Hunt, an online game where students search for locations using cloud-based maps and 3) IBM STEM Cloud Hackathon, where students will work in teams to create a vision board for a new app.