Resources for Teachers

With computers in classrooms, cybersecurity also needs to be discussed so that your students can explore technology safely and confidently.

Use the Activity Kit resources below to bring even more cybersecurity learning into your classroom. Help your students learn about how to protect themselves online and inspire them to pursue a career in cybersecurity!

Let's Talk Safe Tech Activity Kit

This Activity Kit enables you to lead an interactive cybersecurity overview with your students — including team exercises to get your students engaged.

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The Internet of Me Activity Kit

The Internet of Me program is designed to help raise cybersecurity awareness among students aged 12-15. The goal is to capture imaginations by offering encouragement and support to counteract the social and peer pressures that discourage too many talented young people, especially women, from pursuing their interests in STEM.   Audience: Ages 12-15 (Middle grade students)

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Introduction to Cybersecurity Activity Kit

This Activity Kit teaches students about the importance of cybersecurity and having strong passwords. It also introduces students to ciphers and basic codebreaking skills.  Audience: Ages 11-14 (Middle grade students)

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