Cybersecurity Activity Kit

How secure is your data and device?

Explore this cybersecurity site and share it with the teenagers in your life! Take a cybersecurity quiz and learn from IBM Security experts and celebrity Mayim Bialik on the Top 5 cybersecurity tips to help keep you safe online.


Activity Kits allow volunteers and teachers to bring important STEM learning to a classroom. This Activity Kit introduces students to core cybersecurity concepts and reinforces their learning through a Design Thinking and classroom debate exercise. You'll help students understand how to protect their data, how to take control of what they share online and learn more about careers in cybersecurity.

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • The room must have PowerPoint presentation capabilities
  • Design Thinking materials: Poster paper, markers, Post-It notes for each student
  • Digging for Data materials: White paper, pens or pencils for each student


  1. Watch and share our videos with Mayim Bialik

  2. Learn more about cybersecurity

  3. Explore IBM Cybersecurity

  4. Learn more about Design Thinking

Facilitation Materials