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2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM pursues the highest standards of corporate responsibility as we partner with communities, support and empower employees, work with clients and suppliers, and govern our company. Learn how we put smart to work for our company and the world.


The latest from IBM Corporate Social Responsibility.

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We help communities take on challenges big and small. IBM brings the power of its technology, resources, and people to help with initiatives around the world, from education to health to resilience. We’re making a difference.

1.3M hrs

Volunteered by IBMers in 2018


Donated by IBMers in 2018

Impact Areas

Why IBMers Volunteer

Photograph of Simon Christiansen
Using our skills to make a positive difference in the world makes me happy and proud.

Simon Christiansen

IBM Volunteers

Photograph of Reuben Bettle
It was inspiring to see the personal growth in colleagues from across the world as we strived to make genuine impact in areas of women’s empowerment and the environment.

Reuben Bettle

IBM Service Corps Alum

Photograph of Sanne Urbak
You need to dare to be challenged and to step out of your comfort zone. And go into partnerships that are not really well described and you are not really sure what will be the next step… But just have the courage to do it.

Sanne Urbak

Disaster Resiliency, Impact Grants