IBM ranked #19 on JUST 100 list

IBM ranked #19 on JUST 100 list
Ranked #1 in our industry and #19 overall for our contribution to employees, customers, communities, and the environment.


Good Tech means

We help communities take on challenges big and small. IBM brings the power of its technology, resources, and people to help with initiatives around the world, from education to health. We’re making a difference.

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IBM and IBMers are making a difference in communities around the world. Explore how you can get involved in one of our social impact programs.

2020 Impact

IBM increased its contributions, reduced its energy consumption, and grew investments in employee learning — see the details in our environmental, social and governance data.

View 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

2M hrs

Volunteered in 2020 by IBMers


Global corporate contributions of technology, services and cash in 2020

#Good Tech means

We help communities take on challenges big and small. IBM brings the power of its technology, resources, and people to help with initiatives around the world, from education to health. We’re making a difference.

We're honored to be ranked #1 in the computer services industry and #19 overall by @justcapital_ for our efforts toward sustainability, community service, privacy for customers, and attracting workers.

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"Design thinking is all about problem-solving, and we all are problem solvers."

🎧 Listen to Marcsene Torchon of @IBMDesign on designing our own future:
This year, you can develop #digital skills at your own pace and for free!

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Let’s play on #TriviaDay! Across how many countries 🌎 are learners using SkillsBuild?
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Analytical? 🧐

Take a stab at learning about what it's like to be a #data analyst—one of the growing career fields in 2022.
Do you know the top 5️⃣ growing careers in 2022?

IT 💻 and Supply Chain Management 🍽 are among them according to Forbes 📖

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Cybersecurity is a field of unlimited growth 🚀

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@ITU_AIForGood So proud to be a part of this! Here's to leveraging technology to mitigate the impact of #climatechange
By now you already know that the demand for #technology skills is growing rapidly 📈

But how do you prepare for tech skills-based hiring?

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Lake Sembakkam is one of the most polluted wetlands in India 🇮🇳

IBM volunteers ➕ @nature_org India team came up with ways to use #IoT, #AI to help restore the lake's water quality 🧊 and biodiversity.

Read about their story ⬇️
Get a strong start to a new tech career 🏃‍♂️ with this exclusive guest experience on SkillsBuild.

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"Let’s create an equitable future, together!" 💬

We're with you, Rodney—expanding access to #digital skills for everyone, everywhere. THIS is #Skills2030

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In the digital era, making sense of data is key 🔑 to business intelligence.

Learn to be the data analyst the job market demands:
From accessibility in India 🇮🇳, to blockchain for good in Pakistan 🇵🇰, to mental health in Lebanon 🇱🇧 — we're using tech ➕ talent to drive social impact.

This #InternationalVolunteerDay, get inspired with these stories
WOW! Yen-Hsiang showed that is possible to earn 9 badges in just 2 months 🎉

Here's how he did it 👀

This is #Skills2030
Don't you just love having delightful experiences with a product or a service? ✨ The people behind these experiences are true champions of client advocacy.

Develop the core skills you need to become a client advocate for free:
Providing access to the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow is a lifelong learning play.

@LydLogan talked to @uschamber about how companies are stepping up:
From a #PTECH student 👨‍🎓 to a software engineer apprentice at IBM. 👨‍💻

See Everardo's journey:

This is #Skills2030
Make the most of job market readiness with a learning path on #SkillsBuild:
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Is it possible to transition to a career in tech? 🤔

Christian completed the #Blockchain Curriculum on #SkillsBuild and is now a blockchain programmer. 👨‍💻

Find more upskilling stories:
🎉 Congratulations Saaf Water for winning the 2021 #CallforCode Global Challenge! 🏆

Learn how the team is using #TechforGood to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems ➡️
Are students being prepared for the future of work?

@LydLogan, VP Education & Workforce Development at IBM, and @OECDEduSkills senior analyst @AnthonyMannOECD break it down for you:
What do you get when you add art ➕ tech?

Adriana solved this equation with a web design 🎨 course and a UX Design Apprenticeship 👩‍💻

#NationalSTEMDay inspo here 💡
How are you boosting 🚀 your entrepreneurial mindset this #NationalEntrepreneurshipMonth?

The new ways of working needed to succeed in the digital economy are here to stay.

Start learning for free:
We're so happy to be awarded the Terra Carta Seal by HRH The Prince of Wales, as part of @TheSMI.

It's an honor to be recognized for our work and alignment with the #TerraCarta—a recovery plan for Nature, People, and Planet 🌍 #SMI

Learn more:
We're committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow #TogetherToNetZero @climatepledge
Workplace experience and career guidance are more important for young people than ever.

🎙️ Tune into the conversation with @LydLogan and @AnthonyMannOECD on @OECDEduSkills
👻 Halloween is around the corner! Avoid any unnecessary scares 😱 with expert tips to keep you safe and sound from cyber attacks!

#BeCyberSmart and watch it here:
With hyper-connectivity, #cybersecurity incidents are increasing and the world 🌎 needs more cyber heroes. 🦸

#BeCyberSmart and build super skills for a cybersecurity career
Top 5️⃣ trends 📈 on the future of work 🚀

@JustinaNixon breaks them down here ➡️
🤯 If you feel lost about the future of work post-COVID, try learning about #AI, #IoT, #blockchain, and #cloud.

Check out our free courses and get started 👉
We're happy to see our commitment to skill 30 million people by 2030 highlighted in Times Square!

Learn more about how all learners can access the skills and training that the economy demands — regardless of background or circumstance:
Inspired by the legacy of Joy Thomas, an Indian-American #STEM Genius, the Joy Thomas Foundation aims to positively impact students and young professionals across the 🌍 to excel 🚀

Join Arvind Krishna and tech leaders for the launch of the Foundation:
.@JustinaNixon joins this powerful panel of IBM leaders to discuss #TechforGood and @UN SDG Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure during @IdeagenGlobal 17 Days of #Sustainability.

▶️ Tune into this conversation:
Hear @JustinaNixon's story on how the power of learning can transform people's lives #Skills2030
Closing the #skills gap is the biggest opportunity of the decade. Today, we're committing to skill 30 million people globally by 2030 with more than 170 new partnerships and program expansions in more than 30 countries 🌎

Explore how ➡️
Help your students improve learning 🧠 and keep a balanced life 🧘 with the benefits of Mindfulness practice.

Start today on #MentalHealthDay
There's nothing like seeing learners excel 😍 We're sure you'll succeed as a software developer, Apeksha!

Get on a road to a career you’ll love too:
Shout out to all teachers around the world 🌍 fostering pathways to success! We appreciate you so much 🍎

#DYK: data and #AI are improving guide dog 🐶 training by detecting the personality of puppies with the help of @GuidingEyes, @NCState, and IBM.

Here's how:
We love to hear stories like Sayanti Manna's 🌟

Learners from all over the world 🌍 are discovering their passions and exploring different career paths through #SkillsBuild.
Ace your interview tip #2

Learn more or share with anyone who's looking to get on the road to a tech career:
RT @IBM Closing the Hispanic leadership gap isn’t just about leveling the playing field; it’s about unlocking the potential of a critical segment of the workforce.

Read the study:

How are you preparing your business for the #digital era? Learn the first steps 👣 to optimizing your digital & social presence.

Start at your own pace:
With #SkillsBuild, job seekers can access free learning pathways connected to in-demand job roles in tech.

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Students can practice defending a company that is the target of sophisticated cyber-attacks with the latest #Cybersecurity lab from SkillsBuild! #BacktoSchool

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The sign in my guidance counselor's window read "Free college, internships and more." It was a ball of light in the darkness. P-TECH gave me opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had. Now I'm a woman of color in #STEM.

My name is Suyhalia. I am P-TECH➡️
On #OnlineLearningDay, job seekers, students, or teachers can start their journey with #SkillsBuild 💡 We'll help you explore new skills or get on the path to a new career.

We're committed to access to skilling for all learners. This piece from @JustinaNixon for the @OECD dives into how we're contributing and calls for urgent cross-sector collaboration.

Join the conversation:
To those working every day behind the screens in world changing technologies, today we celebrate #ProgrammersDay 🎉

Start building your career in #tech with IBM SkillsBuild for free ➡️
Justice enjoys working in #tech because there are always new things to learn.

Hear inspiring voices of tech
We are helping small businesses relaunch and gain speed.

🔎 Explore webinars, coaching and resources here:
We love the #PTECH pride Vanessa's parents have 🚀

"Watching her perserve is a beautiful thing. That's everything you want for your child."

The future of tech is here ➡️
Want to ace your next interview? Here are 6 tips for success 👇

Want more?
Watch this video from India Miles, Digital Success Manager at IBM
"#Cybersecurity will be the issue of this decade." - @ArvindKrishna

See how programs like SkillsBuild are helping build a more diverse cyber workforce by preparing students and workers with vital skills ⬇️
Did you know that #AI, #HybridCloud, and #Quantum can accelerate discoveries to help to solve global problems like climate change?

Learn more with @solo_assefa of @IBMResearch ⬇️
Regardless of your background, SkillsBuild is the place for you. Find courses, badges, and more for free! 💡

RT @IBMIBV Consumers are focused on #sustainability now more than ever.

Find out how their increasing perspectives on environmental and social responsibility initiatives are driving industries to change:
We're so proud! 🤩 Our P-TECH students around the world are making a real, immediate, and lasting impact on humanitarian issues.

Get to know the winners from #CallforCodePTECH and their inspiring projects:

Planning to start your career in tech or just looking to build new skills? Which of these #SkillsBuild learning paths would you begin first?

Start today ➡️
🌾 Agrolly, the winner of the 2020 #CallForCode Global Challenge, is an app designed to provide small rural farmers with affordable access to AI-powered data and insights to help their crops.

Explore the solution here ➡️
We love to hear stories like Ravi's 🚀 How can we not be inspired by learners all over the world 🌍 building skills and confidence through #SkillsBuild.

See what Ravi is learning:
Thanks for sharing! Very cool to see how students like Lochana are getting inspired to pursue paths in #ComputerScience and #DataScience 🎉

Explore what Lochana is learning:
We've worked with @NASSCOMfdn to train 5K+ students across India on #CloudComputing and #DataScience through IBM SkillsBuild.

Over 2K have already been placed in leading tech organizations 🚀

Learn more ⬇️
We're so grateful for our current interns (and for the advice of those who came before)! We're excited to see you grow your career in #STEM 🌟

👀 Inspired by these stories? Explore more here:
I have grown massively from this experience!

I am applying my communication #skills when discussing things with my teammates and managers and I learned new skills such as setting up a professional schedule and checking emails in a timely manner.
Hi, I'm Marlee! My first internship helped me discover a good fit when it came to working in private, public or non-profit sector and get some clarity on what work energized me!
My advice: Ask for feedback! What are 3️⃣things I'm doing well and 3️⃣that I could approach differently?
I'm Alana and I'm beginning my career with my IBM summer internship.

I'm learning about #cybersecurity in real time and serving as a Team Lead for other P-TECH interns. Plus, I'm building my network, skills and confidence!
Hi! Lee here —You can probably tell from the picture but my first internship was 31 years ago. I loved learning how IBMers got things done and it fueled my curiosity for creative technology (and I'm still here!)

My advice: Work hard and be nice to people!
It's #NationalInternDay 🎉 and we're celebrating with a blast from the past 💥 and a look at the future 🚀

Check out this takeover from IBM's leaders of today and tomorrow ⬇️
Hi everyone, I'm Lyndyn — a surgeon to-be!

Seeing someone who looks like me in a leadership position inspires me to dream without limits 🚀

I hope to inspire you too with my story ⬇️
📢 Hi there, Jillian here!

I might not have a magic wand ✨ but bringing diverse leaders to the table to share perspectives and make decisions is really magical.

Take a minute to learn about my ambitious dreams housing policy in my community💭

Hey! I'm Amani - kicking off day 2️⃣ of the @whengirlsdream collab!

👀 Watch me go from an intern ➡️ to a creative ➡️ to a community leader. Today I'm showing you how I use my diverse background to connect with others and make an impact.

This is my story 👇
I'm Lynsy — a proud young business owner who knows that generating change starts with yourself. I'm using my voice as a tool to speak up and out about equity and inclusion.

@whengirlsdream helped me get comfortable sharing about my dreams and leadership style. Check it out ⬇️
Hi, Alanis here!

The @whengirlsdream takeover is back!

Today and tomorrow we'll share a little about our dreams 🤩 and a lot about how important diversity is in leadership.

For me, I'm focusing on asking the right questions and showing up for my community. Here's my story 👇
It's really cool to see students like @ARamirez_ptech getting workplace experience before they finish high school 🎓
RT @lifeatibm A new chapter begins. Our people are our greatest asset, and we’re spotlighting IBMers center stage — say hello to #IAMIBM. 👁️🐝 Ⓜ️

You, too, can begin a new chapter. Discover what defines you with a #career at #IBM
Did you know that we have an AI Ethics Board? This central body fosters a culture of ethical, responsible and trustworthy AI and tech throughout IBM.

Trust is key 🔑 in building tech that can change the world.

Learn more ⬇️
RT @IBMpolicy #IBM's @ArvindKrishna today joined fellow American CEOs in voicing support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, citing the need to solve the country's infrastructure challenges and advance climate progress. More here via @BuildTogether_:
This year marks the 50th anniversary of IBM’s first corporate environmental policy.

This early directive helped us integrate environmental responsibility throughout the fabric of our business.

Learn more about our updated goals ➡️
Working to equip people with employment-ready skills is one of our greatest opportunities.

Celebrate #WYSD2021 with IBM SkillsBuild where anyone can build their career in tech:
We're continuing our longstanding commitment to #sustainability by conserving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, recycling waste and more.

See how:
🌱 IBM Research is working on new solutions that could enable more efficient capture of CO2 emissions within five years.

See how ➡️
IBM SkillsBuild is partnering with 30 organizations, like @ManpowerGroup, to re-skill 500K learners in 12 countries by the end of 2021 🚀

Explore how we're making it happen:
Strong public-private partnerships are key in giving all learners access to the education and skills development they need.

Read more in this article from our CEO, Arvind Krishna, for CNN:
Our contributions from 2020 like access to skills for all learners, STEM programs for girls, and innovation in sustainability are still helping us work towards a better future, together.

Explore the full story here:
@vane062garcia Congratulations on this great achievement! 🎉
We know that student access to workplace learning experiences is crucial for career development and addressing the global #skills gap.

See why nearly 2K students are working at IBM this summer
@Quota_Less Hi Rishi, any student can build tech and professional skills and earn badges for free on Open P-TECH:
Small words can make a big difference.

Here's one of the actions you can take to be an ally all year-long.

Happy #PrideMonth2021

Learn more about pronouns here:
Back in 2019 we celebrated 🎉 when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the #DACA program and today we're underscoring the protections this gives to our young LGBT+ community.


Building an inclusive workforce means:

✅ Attracting diverse talent
✅ Creating opportunities for historically marginalized communities

#PTECH helps prepare students for #STEM careers with workplace experiences, technical and professional skills.

Hear their stories ⬇️
We're so excited to partner with organizations using #SkillsBuild to deliver essential skills and experiences to their learners.

💡 Professional workplace readiness and tech skills

🏆 Badges in local languages

💬 Mentoring

Explore the possibilities:
We belong to a non-binary world. Respecting and building safe environments for genderqueer individuals to be their authentic selves is critical. 🌈

RT @CallforCode Thanks to the celebrities who supported the 2021 #CallforCode Global Challenge on World Environment Day! This climate initiative supported by @UNHumanRights, @IBM and @DC_Cause asks developers to help lead the fight against #ClimateChange. Answer the call:
From India to the 🌎

Abheda Foundation has developed a chatbot that uses idioms + #AI to teach English to students.

Tech ➕ Humanity =
🔑 Key pieces of advice from our CEO, Arvind Krishna:

1️⃣ Learn how to learn
2️⃣ Be persistent

As challenges come and go and our workforce evolves, we want all learners to keep building skills for the future!

Anyone, anywhere can start with SkillsBuild: